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    Long story short, my Ball Python was showing symptoms of a mild respiratory infection because of many factors, one of which is cold. So, I went to the petstore to get a higher wattage bulb. What I used to do is turn her 50 watt ZooMed bulb on and off every 24 hours. Even if I'd gotten a higher wattage, she would have been cold at night.

    A different kind of bulb was reccommended to me, so I bought it. It is a 60 watt "ZooMed Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter". It doesn't give off any light, so I had to touch it to make sure it was working (and I burned myself). So, I leave it on all the time and it has raised the temps on the warm side of her cage almost 10 degrees, and it is only 10 watts more than my old one! It is awesome, I don't have to turn it on or off ever!!

    One thing you need though is a "ZooMed Repti Porcelain Clamp Lamp"; the area where the bulb is screwed in is porcelain so it doesn't burn or melt.

    Another thing is that on the box, it says "60 watts for 10-20 gallon terrariums". My cage is a 40 gallon and the 60 watts was enough to raise it quite a bit. Consider that before you buy it.

    This product is AWESOME, I really really reccommend it to anyone with troubles raising the heat in your reptile's cage.

    Here is a picture:

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    CHEs are extremely useful.

    I hope your snake is feeling better.

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