Wild gecko eggs....HELP!

Discussion in 'General Geckos' started by sykadelik, Aug 21, 2004.

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    Hi, I found 3 hard shelled gecko eggs in my storage closet while moving. I took them with me to my new storage closet just down the street. (I feared they would get crushed if I left them.) I didn't want to move them inside, since I don't know if they need humidity or not. I live in Dallas, and I think they might be Mediterranean gecko eggs. Anyhow, I wasn't sure if they were alive, although one egg has been darkening. I held a flashlight through all three, and in one egg I could make out most of the babys body!!! I saw his little arm twitch, and his heart beating. The other two I can't tell anything.........maybe the other ones are younger??
    Ok enough rambling, now for my questions lol:
    Its been 70 degrees at night, a little unseasonably cool...can this hurt the eggs? (the storage closet is a little warmer than outside, and they are in a paper towel in a flower pot)
    How long do you think the one egg has before it hatches, and where should I let him go when he does?
    Any help would be great.....I can't find anything on caring for these eggs, espcially outside lol THANKS!
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    One thing I know, do not turn them upside down or anything. I don't know temps these eggs need. But it is best to invest or make an incubator. Google search how to make a incubator for reptiles or something.
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    you should mist down the eggs every so often this way they do not harden too much and they will keep a leathery consistancy

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