Whats your ball python name?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Mr_Goth, Apr 28, 2005.

  1. Mr_Goth Embryo

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    I'm sorry if this have been posted before. I'm always amazed at the names that people give to their pets.

    My ball pythons name is Monty Python just like 80% of the people here.
  2. shrap Embryo

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    Girls: Venus, Naga, Hissy, Kahlua

    Boys: Monty, Noose, Stretch
  3. JoshMueller Embryo

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    My boy python's name is Burt, my columbian red tail girl is Ms. kenzington
  4. kavinos Embryo

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    My carpet pythons name is Stitch
  5. lizard_man_Lane Embryo

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    My future one that im gettin is gonna be named Maximus (like off of the movie gladiator)
  6. undefined Embryo

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    My ball is named Seige, my albino corn is Fuego(spanish for fire), and the name of my green burmese is a matter of dispute. I call him Cuthalu and my boyfriend calls him Worm. It doesn't really matter, he doesn't care and I always refer to him as BabySnakes anyway.
  7. stina3246 Embryo

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    Mines name is Eight Ball. We call him Eight for short.(He came with the name, I would have called him Ramses)
    I also have Q (The Executioner) and Egypt: Both corns and Boomer (Boomerangue) a Cal-King
  8. Lokismommy Embryo

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    My ball python's name is Robyn Hode and my son's ball python's name is Base for baseball python. lol
  9. Ryeshu Embryo

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    She wouldn't happened to be named after Naga the white serpant would she?
    Anyways mines names are
    Girls: Kura, Princess, and ryoko
    Boy: Tenchi
  10. beccasaur Embryo

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    my bps name is zero
  11. stormyva Embryo

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    I have some atbs named.... Nippy, Snippy, Dippy, Tippy, and Pshycho I know, Psycho doesnt fit with the "theme" but she is the most evil snake that I have ever come across. She starts lunging with open mouth as soon as someone walks in to the herp room.
  12. Melinda666 Embryo

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    I have many snakes and haven't named them all yet. So far I have
    abe, abby, abner, clowny, caramel, ball, bubba, big momma, norma, norman and my personal favorite that was named by her previous 5 yr old owner, slithery hot dog snakey.

    And whomever is snappy and refuses food repeatedly gets a temporary name of little Bass Turd.
  13. jeepnphreak Embryo

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    Bp names...

    and one to be determined still...
  14. DIGITEKNYC Embryo

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    I have a beautiful female royal python and her name is Isabella
  15. danielhs Embryo

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    my female bp name is Bella :(
  16. BoyntonStylez Embryo

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    We have The Snake Formally Known as Viktor (Found out Viktor is a girl), so she's now Sasha, our baby ball is Sancho or Sanchito (depending on my mood) and our Columbian is Echo.
  17. merchant Embryo

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  18. FergieTony Embryo

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    Albino Corn Snake-Q
    Ball Python-Nino
    Mexican Rosy Boa-Cobalt
    Children's Python-Pythagoras
    Kenyan Sand Boa-Grace
  19. mrfatpocket Embryo

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    my BPs name is Gambit , after the X-men character
  20. igot_dragon Embryo

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    haha my ball python's name is Blellow because she is black and yellow

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