What is your Ball Pythons name?

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by hanahbanana, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. hanahbanana

    hanahbanana Embryo

    Mine is Selena
  2. xjulezxo

    xjulezxo Embryo

    I have a female that I got from people who weren't taking care of her and 2 other females and her name is Lucille Ball. I also just got a male a 2 weeks ago from people who got him to try and get over there fear of snakes.. guess that didn't work out. So I named him Monty like Monty Python. Goofy names.
  3. Reptigal94

    Reptigal94 Embryo

    I only have two that are mine at the moment. Nyx is my female, she was named that because Nyx is the Goddess of the Night. Her two babies from her first clutch were Eris and Ares, the twin offspring of Nyx. My male is Bliss, which doesn't really have a meaning behind it really. :eek:

  4. kobra_wizzard

    kobra_wizzard Embryo

    mine is called max he's only a baby yet but named him after a character from a very good movie "gladiator" so full name is maximus decimus meridius
  5. DavidMcdergen

    DavidMcdergen Embryo

    My males name is henry =]
  6. jinxxie

    jinxxie Embryo

    I am getting a male ball python in a week or so but not sure wat to male him as yet.

    My other reptiles names are
    1 x Male Burmese Python - TITAN
    1 x female Columbian Rainbow Boa - McKenna
    2 x Female Red tail Boa - Keesha and Kenya
    1 x Female californian King snake - Empress Keerah
    1 x Male Classic corn - Shiloe
    1 x Male Pastel Motley Corn - Bandit
    1 x Female Snow corn - Reiden
    1 x Female Flourescent red / R.O Corn - Nitro
    1 x Female R.O corn - Pyroh
    1 x Male Candy cane/R.O corn - Blaze
    1 x Male Caramel Corn - Phantom
    1 x Male Blood red stripe motley corn - Diablo
    1 x Male Abbotts Okeetee corn - Phoenix
    1 x Male Giant Leopard gecko - Hercules
    1 x Female leopard gecko - Havanna
    1 x Female bearded dragon - Trinity

    So im kinda running out of ideas for my new baby any body have some ideas for me please
  7. Crazy4Herps

    Crazy4Herps Hooked on Reptiles

    My big girl is Cu (short for "Culebra", as in "snake" in Spanish--named her during my first year of Spanish :( ), and my other sweetheart is Prospekt, named after Prospekt's March, my favorite album (/EP) by my favorite band, Coldplay. :)
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  8. Aleximunoz

    Aleximunoz Embryo

    my bp's name is medusa... i'm not sure what i will name it if she turns out to be a he... medudesa? lol
  9. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    ellie. im pretty sure she is a female. no popping or probing, im only going by spur size so i know i could be wrong, but i dont plan on breeding her ever just in case her mental issues are genetic so it really doesnt matter to me. she is my favorite snake and loved to snuggle
  10. Thailina

    Thailina Embryo

    We have to het males named Fluffy and whowho. The kids got to pick the names! :p
  11. Lapidary

    Lapidary New Member

    Both my ball pythons are female, the older is called Akasha and the younger is Salmissra.
  12. Sharman Wisdom

    Sharman Wisdom HOTM Winner December

    My female is named Sonora, my male is Chihuahua.
  13. mommyof2boys

    mommyof2boys Embryo

    My husband and I just got to Balls on saturday. still working on the names kinda but i think mine is gonna be Izzy. not sure about his though. and not sure if its boy or girl
  14. My BP's name is Lucy.
  15. Akirawallace

    Akirawallace New Member

    I have a female normal named Squeezie and a male normal named Gary. Both were adopted as adults (from different owners) and were already named.
  16. Magdat39

    Magdat39 Embryo

    My male is Jax and my female is Terra
  17. Badger711

    Badger711 Member

    Is that a coincidence or do you watch SOA too?
  18. I have Ahsoka, Sebulba, Solomon, Shasheegah, and Scar. :)
  19. Magdat39

    Magdat39 Embryo

    Total SOA fan!
  20. Badger711

    Badger711 Member

    High five !

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