what are black lines on my bearded dragon stomach

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by james_sherlock, May 26, 2006.

  1. james_sherlock Embryo

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    does any1 know what this is, there like little black lines under his belly and chin, there not always there.does this happen when they are stressed or angry
  2. shortygirl Embryo

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    It's more often stress marks, though it does happen more frequently during mating season. My guy had them when we first got him, but he's not had them for a while (except for the time we gave him a bath & he saw his reflection in the mirror...man did he get pissy!). I think as they get older & more comfortable with you, they tend to chill out.

  3. xTBx Embryo

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    Ha, today i was pondering the same thing. In the short time that i've had my dragon, the lines appeared more in the morning when the temp isn't as high. During the day i rarely see them.
  4. cUpIdStUnT Embryo

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    Beardies go black for a few reasons.
    1. They use it as a display, to other beardies. As a sign of 'look at me, i'm more scary than you.'
    And 2. They use it as a way to absorb more heat, black lets through more heat, so when it's cold, they gey darker.
  5. CheriS Is well known here

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    Lines on the tummys can mean many things.

    1. They are cold
    2. They are hot
    3. They are hungry
    4. They are not getting their way and are upset
    5. Some females do it when egg cycling
    6. Stressed or scared
    7. Discomfort

    So many times it is not a problem, but if you suscpect it is something like stress, temps etc, you can change or correct the problem.

    We have some dragons that ONLY display them when happy and getting attention they want... so. it can mean many things, you just need to learn your dragon

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