unwanted snakes?

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by herbleremady, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. herbleremady

    herbleremady Embryo

    hi there,
    if theres any one that needs to re-home there snakes/lizards id be happy to help,
    if for some reason you are no longer able to look after your snakes then im the man for you,
    wether it being your moving home, they are nasty fellows that keep biting, feeding problems,
    or just anything in general i would love to add to my collection.
    i currently have 1 corn, 1 ball, 1 red tail, 1 ruff green,1 carpet and a king snake.
    im located in chatham kent, but i can arrange for pick up or collection.
    so if any body would like some help just e-mail me at mrbalcombe123@googlemail.com or drop me a txt at 07909834540

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