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  1. dekor

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    Hello All,

    My savannah monitor seems to be losing interest in locusts and would like to keep him eating some insects as opposed to just a rodent diet. Does anyone know any good sites for ordering roaches?

  2. billyking66

    billyking66 Embryo

    dekor im right with you im feeding almost no rodents what im doing right now crickets superworms everyday, every other day he gets a small ball of lean turkey i would love to add dubias or (roaches) to his diet, PROBLEM IS WGERE DO I GET THE LITTLE CRITTERS? how big is loki these days 2 1/5 feet brutus is that big plus i got a 8" youngster a couple months ago.....please let me know where you find them, i want a colony of them why not i alredy have every other feeder in my house.
  3. dekor

    dekor New Member

    Loki is around 3ft now. I have seen people selling breeding colonies of roaches but I'm not 100% keen on breeding them as they require 30-32 degree Celsius heat apparently. Plus my fear is I will get a colony and Loki won't be interested in them!

    I have changed Loki's diet now to feeding twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, one large mouse.
  4. billyking66

    billyking66 Embryo

    dekor, i wanted to ask you something off topic. when i changed my lights to holegens, i had also a heat emminating bulb, i found out for me the humidity i was producing was being stolen by this bulb so i eliminated it all together are you running both types. i have a humidity gage inside viv, i guess what i want to know is can you see your moisture on your glass and or inside viv ?
  5. billyking66

    billyking66 Embryo

    i started my dubia (colony) if you could call it that but i did get 8 juvies, about the size of a nickel. I will get more when i can. I started them off on cocunut husk for subtrate about an inch added small egg crate pieces , another inch of shreded husk, a small u.t.h , a little dry cereal, sliced potato & sliced apple just to see what they prefer . A little misting, then i wrapped them, so they would be in the dark.
    FUNNY thing, they were barely moving at the pet store where my buddy works, i get them home a little research later set them up right (as far as i know) so i check on them for the first time four days later (which was yesterday) i barely lift up the crate & with a flash light I SEE THEM SCURRY'ING AROUND INSIDE THERE, like happy little bugs

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