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    Is this your first bearded dragon? Yep!
    What area are you located in? South Carolina

    Dragons name: Tibbers, aka Mr. Tibbs.
    Age, weight and length if you know? He lost part of his tail, but excluding tail he's about 5.5"
    How long with you? He moved in with me mid Dec, but I was helping care for him starting in Oct.
    What is his condition recently and if it changed, when? His growth has slowed in the last few weeks and he's not shedding as often as he was and he's eating a few less of everything.
    Is he active, clear eyes and bright? Yep.
    Is the beard, chest or tail tip darker than the rest or than normal? Tail tip is, but that's from tail rot and it's vastly improved since I got him.
    Walking/moving normally? Moving around normal and still trying to eat the cat.
    Any physical features that do not appear normal?
    From Breeder or Pet Store? (this may make a difference) Pet Store.
    Has he every been treated by a vet, Yep.
    If yes, for what and what meds were used/dosed and time if know? Vet said Vit. A and calcium deficiency. They put him on some kind of vitamin supplement and he was on that for about 3 months before I got him. Before they said it was a vitamin deficiency, they said he had a fungus and he was flushed with two types of solution, one was blue and the other seemed to have iodine in it. That was when I met him in october. He had a scratch to his eye and they had another gel like med to go on there. And before you ask, no we do not have a reptile vet in this area and that sucks.
    Basking or sleeping during the day? Basking.
    Is he going to the bathroom, how often? once or twice a day.
    If not, when was the last time?
    Is it formed/normal or runny/smelly. Looks normal.
    Alone or with others? alone.
    If with others, what sex"?
    Soaking or misting at all and how often? I alternate both as needed to assist with shedding. Yesterday was misting and day before that was soaking and he finished shedding this morning.

    Set up info tank size? 4' x 13"
    Temps -what do you use for heat? two 100 watt bulbs and they keep the tank about 95
    Basking point? 105
    Cool area? Coldest area is about 90
    What are you measure it with? And old fashion glass thermometer.
    What Substrate? reptile carpet
    UVB Lights type (detailed) what brand, model, and length or wattage is: It's one of those compact fluorescent uvb bulbs I know it's the 10.0.
    How old? I just put it in early Feb.
    How close to UVB light when he bask? about 7"
    What hours for day/night? I have him on a 12/12 cycle via timers.
    Do you use any type of nighttime heat, if so what? I have an under tank heater since my stand is completely open underneath.

    How is his appetite? IS there a change? He's still eating 25-30 crickets a meal, but that's down slightly from the 40-50. Still eating the same amount of greens and I try not to go over 5 super worms at a meal, just because of how big they are.
    What size, kind and how many/much insects does he eat daily? large crickets, I do not know how many super worms he would eat in a feeding since I mainly feed crickets. When I had phoenix worms he'd eat 40-50 mediums at a time, but I'm out til the next shipment comes in.
    What do you feed the insects normally? They usually go straight from the store, to him.
    Is the dragon eating greens/veggies? yep.
    What and how much? Kale, spinach, red and green chard and arugula.
    Supplements? Calcium, vitamins, bearded dragon food (that's there 24/7 for whenever he wants it)
    What kind of calcium/how often? Flukers phos free with D3.
    What kind of vitamins how often Flukers liquid vit. 3x week.
    How are these given to him? calcium is dusted on everything and the liquid vit he takes orally.

    Is there any additional information that might be of use? I know he had some health problems before he came home with me and I'm pretty sure that it was from lack of food. If I had to guess he's probably about 7-8 months. He had been shedding every two weeks until this month, so I don't know if he's just evening out his growth, or if his growth is stunted. About mid Feb he was finally able to shed on his own. All the meds he had been dosed with had resulted in the shed adhering to him. I do mean adhered as in soaking daily in warm water for 30-45 mins for 10 days would not loosen it enough to remove it. So he was mad at me for awhile when I had to get it off, but thankfully we don't have that problem any more. He manages everything on his own with minimal assistance of soaking and misting now.


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    JEFFREH Administrator

    Welcome to the forum!

    It looks like you've done your research and I'm happy to see that Mr. Tibbs is the hands of a responsible, caring owner.

    Just a couple of things to point out on husbandry: I would recommend something other than the compact fluorescents for UVB; they are known to decay rather quickly. Here is a nice guideline for UVB purchasing:

    You'll probably get rsome grief for feeding things like kale and spinach regularly, as these items contain a higher-than-average amounts of oxalic acid that is known to bind calcium and inhibit its absorption. I would encourage you to feed spinach in small quantities, being sure to compensate by offering it with calcium rich greens like Collards. Variety is key to any diet; you don't have to eliminate these things altogether, just be sure to provide a good mix. Refer to this sheet for salad information for your bearded dragon:

    The excessive shedding could very well be a result of trying to catch up on growth (although, it could be an artifact of the recovery from previous illness, too). Beardies going through growth spurts can almost seem to be perpetually shedding different areas of the body. He may be stunted; my guy is smaller than average due to veterinary misdiagnoses that prevented him from eating/behaving normally during a good chunk of his juvenile-subadult growth, but he's still in the lower range of average adult size and is otherwise a healthy, happy dragon.

    As long as he is eating, defecating, and otherwise behaving normally (i.e. basking much of the day) then I would presume he's totally fine. His appetite will let you know if if he's trying to allocate energy toward growth, so just keep feeding and caring for him just as you are. Time will tell if he reaches his full size potential, but either way, its nice to see that he is in a good home now receiving the care he deserve.

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    I did not know that about the veggies! I was given a list of edible greens and told to avoid lettuce like the plague. So I will get something different next time I'm at the store. As for lighting, I got the bulbs for free and I have one more to use. They are new, and I've been replacing them every 2 months. As soon as I run out, I'm investing in mercury vapor bulbs.

    Thanks for the info!
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