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  1. lizardgurl87

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    Ok, so I was just randomly looking on Amazon(actually putting stuff on a wishlist for Christmas lol :p )and came across this tank(from PetCo)-
    I thought it looked cool and is reasonably priced-so I looked at the comments, more than half of them were saying it was either good for Hermit Crabs or Pygmy Chameleons. The dimensions say it's only about the size of a 10G though-only difference would be the doors in the front and the screens...Does anyone have experience with Pygmys? or knows if the tank would be good? Here's a caresheet I found on them- -it says a 10G should be alright, but I know they like to climb...This is just a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing lol-I've always liked chameleons, but never thought I'd be able to care for them well-but, with these it seems I could! :) They pretty much(as far as humitidy,temps,etc.)have the same requirements as anoles, which is easy for me-since I've been taking care of them well...I probably wouldn't get one for a few months-but, it's good to be prepared! I know you can get them online(as well as anything else lol)but, anywhere else? I guess the only other choices would be a reptile show and I only have Cleveland(which isn't that big, but I might get lucky)I could get ahold of a breeder maybe, and a petstore might(most likely not)have one...Any comments are appreciated! :)
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    i love chameleons :D that would be awesome for you to take care one of them lil guys. The enclosure would be perfect it seems :3 ity bity cham
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    I know this probably won't help because I live in Texas but I saw a juvenile male pygmy chameleon at Petsmart (I'm not a huge fan of Petsmart but it was just sooooooo cute and huggable:love:). Tell me what you name it please.
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  4. lizardgurl87

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    That's cool! I might be able to ask a Petsmart around here, but probably in the summer, if they could order one in! I'm sure they probably could and once I did see a small one at a petsmart a few months ago, but I thought it was just a baby-now that I think about it, it could've been a pygmy! :) Even at a reptile show I could ask around or find one hopefully, but I don't know if I'll be getting it soon or not.
  5. Ramon Alamillo

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    i usually have all kinds of chams available. let me know if you have questions
  6. lizardgurl87

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    Well, this may be my next project, but I do one at a time and I'm currently on getting a Ball Python. There may be some up aorund here though with the reptile shows, but if I got a cham, I think I might get a panther now. It would be awhile before I got one, since after the BP project, I plan on starting on New Caladonian Giant Geckos :) But, thanks for the offer! Where are you located?
  7. Ramon Alamillo

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    Im in Fort Worth, Tx
    Are you going to be doing Ball morphs? Make sure not to over pay for regular ball pythons.
  8. lizardgurl87

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    Ya, for sure a morph-thinking a bee of somesort, possibly axanthic or pastel thoughm there's so many I like! And, I know all the good breeders up here, most of them would even let me haggle, since I'm a teen just starting with them and I've seen then at the reptile show a few times, so I've got it covered :) I've been scoping it out for awhile now. And if I wanted a regular, I could get one for $10 at cheapest to $25 usually at the shows, the most I'll pay for a nice morph is a few hundred.
  9. Holmes

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    I advise you to stray as far away as possible from buying a pygmy (or ANY animal) from petco or petsmart. They are truly heinous companies.

    Please review several caresheets about these delicate chameleons before attempting to care for one. A ten gallon tank would be enough room for maybe 2-3 of these maximum.

    Pygmy chameleons need high humidity and lots of little plants to hide in. Small branches because their feet are tiny. Tiny bugs because they grow up to maybe 2 inches long in their whole lifetime.

    Again, I'm really going to stress that you do TONS of research and set up the tank COMPLETELY before buying the pygmy chameleons. They are extremely delicate as a species and will not tolerate any mistakes you make as well as another species of chameleon will.

    Please, please, please, if you are considering buying one, no matter how experienced you are with reptiles, give it a PROPER home.

    Here are many links on pygmy care.

    And as a last tip, 10 gallon tank is fine for ONE pygmy. Any more pygmies and you'll need much more space
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