Plants -- namely, climbing vines

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    All right. Anyone who's read my previous posts knows I'm designing a green anole cage that's about 6'X2'X2' *HXWXL* and will be literally divided into three canopies *which, from top to bottom, are*: the "heating area," the "living area," and the "groundspace." Well, I'm going to plant some sort of climbing vine in it that will grow from the "groundspace."

    Right now, I'm looking at the following types of plants:
    Morning glory
    Clematis *some species; there are so many!*

    My only fears -- as these are all rather hardy -- are whether they are poisonous. Most likely, the crickets will nibble on whatever plants I put in there. If the plant is poisonous, either the cricket will die, or the cricket will live and poison the anole. Any suggestions, advice, etc?

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