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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by mouse, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. mouse

    mouse Embryo

    Hey anyone out there from Alberta that has a Leopard Gecko?
  2. Nope sorry not me, i keep firebelly toads, but welcome anyway! ;)
  3. mouse

    mouse Embryo

    Firebelly toads!! Cool! My son thought about getting a couple of those, but I was worried he was still a bit young.
  4. well how old is he? or if you don't want to answer that, i'll just say that incase you didn't know, they secrete toxins that can be harmful to humans, but not usually extremely harmful. Obvious necessary precautions are required for handling them like making sure your hands are thoroughly washed before and right after handling them, and of course try not to handle them at all. you can also use rubber gloves if you feel that is best, they don't bite and the effects are mild skin irritation if any at all when in contact with them , just be sure to not rub hands on face or in eyes. they are awsome to have and really easy to look after ,they are great starter pets with some investigating of course and research, if your son is too young then if you wanted, you can look after them till he is old enough, it is said that with proper care they can live from 10 to 15 years, if you decide to get some and need info, i can help quite a bit as i had mine for awhile now and also had to nurse one back to health because he wouldn;t eat for almost 2 months, also you can go to the general amphibian section on this forum and talk to hummimg bird, she is great with advice and knowledge.
    what the petstores tell you is basic and some of it wrong if you choose to get yours from a pet store i would make sure you know what to look for as far as health goes, and so on.
    anyway take care and good luck, oh ya try going to the leo section on here and ask for advice if you havent already or even just in the general chat, i am in alberta and got great advice from someone in the states when i went to the amphibian section and it saved my poor little toad.
  5. jordao_51

    jordao_51 Embryo

    im in red deer and i own a leopard gecko.
  6. Crowsnest Pass, and I am the owner of a leo and a frog.
  7. monamie

    monamie Embryo

    Hi there!

    I'm from Central Alberta and I have/had a leo!
  8. Faeze

    Faeze New Member

    Hi! From Calgary with 5 leos, a frog, cornsnake and bearded dragon.
  9. misslush

    misslush Embryo

    I live in Calgary. I own 3 bearded dragons, 1 corn snake and a Agama

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