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Discussion in 'Treefrogs' started by IRObot, Sep 27, 2010.

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    My wife and I got two WTFs from petco for our 3 year old daughter to look at a few months ago. I must say the little guys have grown on me and one is worring me to DEATH! Our larger frog quit eating 2 weeks ago and got very lazy. A few days ago I found it looking like death on the floor by its water dish. I picked it up and it was climbing my hand, but looked sooo skinny. I seperated it into a smaller tank and tried some crickets and then waxworms with no success. i took her to the local exotic pet store where they told me to seal some ringers off my ambulance for an electorlyte bath and gave me some meds for worms. I followed the orders, keeping the new home extra clean. My wife put in a cricket in today and had no luck but i looked in and noticed the little jerk was hanging around my frog too much, so i pulled her out and noticed little marks on her toes... i feel soooo bad! On top of that her skin is mottled brown/green splotchy looking and it somes off! almost like shes sheading, but with none of the signs i've read about. i've always kept the humidity 70-80 and the temps around 75 at night and 85 daytime with uvb light. she does have some recent orange splotches on the bottom of her belly and legs... does any one have any suggestions? I'll tru to get pictures tomorrow... thanks so much!
    Also, found some white mold like substance on some poop and the moss right before i noticed she quit eqtiong. It almost looked like litttle webs... re did the whole viv and tossed the moss...

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