my retic won't stop wetting on me.

Discussion in 'Other Pythons' started by M.Mata77, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. M.Mata77

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    I just bought my first retic a week ago. He is great very well tempered. However every time I get him out, without fail, he pees on me. Any one know is this a normal behavior or something else going on. He seems perfectly healthy.

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  3. Cammy

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    A quick google search implies that retics are pee machines, so it's likely a normal reaction. A lot of snakes defecate or urinate out of fear when they are picked up; sometimes it's just a result of stimulation rather than fear. Regular handling may lessen the issue...or it may be something you just have to put up with. Only time will tell.

    Be thankful they don't musk incessantly like those dang dirty baby milk and king snakes. It

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