My 888 Reptiles first buy experience + Images of my Corn Setup

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by LittleMick, Oct 9, 2009.

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    Hi, I know I've posted a couple of topics regarding my pre snake buying advice, but rather than add to them I thought I would create a new one just to share my first 888 reptiles buy. I went for the Basic Hatchling Corn Snake Setup. The basic price was £56.94, a good price anyway, but I got a real bargain. I have included a list of what the basic setup consists of and I rang them and asked if I could make alterations and give me a new quote. My alterations are in red.
    Exo Terra Large Flat Faunarium 18"x12"x6 1/2"
    888 Aspen Bedding 1kg
    Komodo Heat Mat 7w 15 x 28cm
    Komodo Thermostat 300w
    2 x Exo Terra Liqquid Crystal Thermometer Strip (I removed these and replaced with an ET Dig Thermom)
    2 x Exo Terra Small Hides (I had 1 removed as I already had a spare Small Snake Cave)
    1 x Exo TerraSmall Water Dish (I upgraded to a medium)

    I was expecting the new quote to be in the region of £68 but they came back with £59, I was well pleased. I ordered it all that night, Wednesday, it got processed the next day, Thursday, and despatched on Friday, I had to book a short notice day off, lol. I was expecting it around 11am, but it turned up at 8.35am, I could have just gone into work late, but never mind. It's all setup now just testing. Overall I think I got a great service. Will definitely be using them in the future.

    Below are a few images of the setup. The plastic plant in there is from my Leopard Gecko Viv for the photos only. I'll be buying another one for the faun the next time I am in my local RC, along with a trailing plant to put down the back wall for some extra cover. I decided to put the Aspen in rather than paper towel just in case the snake wants to burrow. I was also looking at the large water bowls but these seem too big so there wouldn't be much space in there. There is also room along the back wall for a humid hide, which I wll home make.


    I'll see what size the snake is at the 6-12 month mark then upgrade to a viv.

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