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  1. Hey guys im writing this to ask some general questions... First off id like to note my MHD is roughly 5-6 months old but actual age is unclear i bought him in december and at that time he or she was roughly the length of my thumb (w/o tail length) now he is roughly the length of my index finger i have witnessed one shed now he couldve shed when he was going through this hiding phase he went through and ate his sheddings again not clear anyways i started off on small crickets where he was interested at first he eventually lost intrest so i moved to mealworms he seemed to enjoy those but like the crickets it seems he is losing intrest inthose too now him being still a little guy do any of you have any sugestions what else i can feed him to spark his intrest or should i stay with the mealworms?
    Second i use bottled water for his mister his drinking dripper and his soaking pool but im starting to notice his skin will get ashy like he isnt getting enough moisture my terrarium is at 70 % humidity and roughly 70-85 degrees at all time should i set his mister for longer intervals on the timer or set it to mist more often? I have read somewhere not to mist when it is close to "lights out" so should i heavily soak every 12hours at 30 seconds? I really enjoy this lizard and im trying to follow guides that ive read online but im starting to get concerned that maybe he is dehydrated thats why he lost interest in the mealworms.
  2. P.S. should i mist durring the night aswell?

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