i would like to learn how to handle venomous snakes..can someone in ohio help me ..PLEASE

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can anyone help

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  1. toadboytodd

    toadboytodd New Member

  2. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Good morning and welcome to Reptile Boards. Venomous snakes are an extremely advanced animal to own, also illegal in a number of the states (I'm not sure about Ohio) and regulated in some way in all the others. Do you have experience with snakes?

    If you'd like to learn about and possibly eventually care for or own a venomous snake I would suggest going to your local Zoo and inquiring about a summer internship. This is usually the easiest and safest way to correctly learn how to handle and care for any dangerous animal. If they are not illegal in Ohio you could research local breeders and contact them to see if you could visit their facility and possibly learn from them proper husbandry.

    Sorry I couldn't help more, good luck!
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  3. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    I'm in Ohio, I know a few of us on here are, but I really have no idea. I'm just planning on getting my first one and that will be a Ball Python, the only one's I've handled are much more tame. And you should know you need a permit now with very proper enclosures and everything. I personally think it's just not the best idea to have them right now and you need a lot of experience.

    Also, why is it so urgent right now? Have you recently acquired one without knowing proper care and handling or are you planning too? Whatever the case, it would help to know what kind of snakes exactly you're dealing with...there are many from vipers to rattlesnakes and I'm pretty sure they're mostly all illegal now or coming into effect soon they will be in Ohio.
  4. Badger711

    Badger711 Member

    Why would you want to. Unless it is for research or something similar, there isn't a good reason. Just because you've watched crocodile hunter a few times doesn't mean you can keep something as life threatening as a hot. Any hot bite can kill you, no matter how toxic due to the high risk of allergic reaction. And even if you aren't allergic to the venom, you could be allergic to the antivenin. It's an all over bad idea, and I suggest you do your research before you attempt to handle anything dangerous.
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  5. toadboytodd

    toadboytodd New Member

    well i guess im going to have to explain.. for one im 37 years old,i've been handling snakes for most of them..im not doing this to show off to friends or family..i dont have a death wish and yes i know venomous snakes are dangerous..i would like to one day start my own venomon extraction facility..yes i know thats not easy and damn expensive..but anything worth doing is worth doing right..there is research being done with venomon on a number of diseases and disorders..not to mention it saves lives..

    and you don't need to insult me or steve irwin
  6. Badger711

    Badger711 Member

    I apologize, I mistook you for a kid. I have no issue with venom research, and I think that's a great cause, and your best bet would be to volunteer at a zoo, it would be in a controlled environment where the chance of ending up in a hospital would be less.
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  7. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    Well that explains a bit! Sorry but we are an open forum where anyone could come in and the "boy" in your username made reference to someone younger than 37.

    I would still suggest from my first post to inquire at a zoo or contact local hot breeders and see if they would let you shadow them, intern, or become and apprentice at their facility.

    Doing a quick google search I came up with a couple of reference sites that might help:
    for the laws in ohio on exotics: http://www.bornfreeusa.org/b4a2_exotic_animals_summary.php
    Sadly Ohio just passed one of the strictest exotics ban in the US, find more info here: http://arrowheadreptilerescue.org/Web/education/Wildlife/ohreptilelaw.htm
    Here is the specific bill that is under effect in Ohio: http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=127_HB_45
    This website has a LOT of info on it: http://www.venomousreptiles.org/
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  8. Shanna66

    Shanna66 Well-Known Member

    if you can find someone who keeps them you can try to work under them, thats what i plan on doing when im ready to start preparing to keep a hot

    and ther eis the working at a zoo option but some places may refuse to help you if they know you plan on keeping hots at some point. some zoos are just really anti exotic pet

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