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    I hope I have put this post in the right spot :)
    I have a 4yo 7 ft bredli python that we have transferred into a larger vivarium about a week and a half ago, a few days after moving him in there he regurgitated his food ( could just be coz he was moved I know) it is the first time he has ever done that but he has also started to act a bit different, he has never bitten anyone not even as a hatchling and we handle him quite often but he has started being very active and stretches upright toward the lid of the tank and kind of rocks side to side, he doesn't do it for very long periods of time tho. He has also become a little clumsy when he is exploring the light cages and stuff and I hear him fall every now and then. I fed him about 15 mins ago ( first feed since vomit) and he didnt strike at the food or constrict it, he just started eating it head first! I found this strange.... Anyway I don't know if I should be worried that there is something going on with him or if it's just the fact he is getting to know his new environment! Any comments or feed back would be so appreciated. Thanks all

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    Hm.... what is his new tank like? Temps? Same substrate as before? Did you move any of his "furniture" over with him into the new tank?

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