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  1. Axe

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    This beautiful male hypo pastel with twenty clear nails, has been donated by Randy of AlphaDragonZ.com, to be sold and the funds used toward our rescue and research costs. We will take offers on him starting Feb 1, 2005 and ending scheduled for Feb 6, 2005 at 10 PM EST. Offers are by email, personal message on the site or posting to the thread for that. We will let the person making the new offer know who had the prior offer and price if by email or PM. Also let the person who had the prior offer know who gave the new one.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    He is in a shed and you can see the colors of gold/orange he is on the part that has shed on his head

    Hypo Pastel Male Info
    • 13 inches long and 115 grams: Correction, he weighs 147 grams now since I prepared this bio of him, he is gaining radiply.
    • 20 pure clear nails
    • White areas are snow white and colors are gold with light orange tips
    • Vet checked and is very healthy
    • Both parents are from Sand Ranch
    • Approx 5 months old and is in a big growth spurt (See correction above) - Currently in third shed in 6 weeks.
    • Eating greens, pellets, crickets and fresh shed supers very well
      • As many of you know, we do a lot of rescues or rehabs with bearded dragons that need some extra care and what we learn from them allows us to update information on their care for other owners. We have been doing this for 3 years now, taking in four rehabs and two abandon placements at a time. Wish we could do more, but the time, special care and expense is limited to this, and appreaciate Randy's donation to help fund this cause

        We do reserve the right to deny an purchase if the potential buyer is not equipped to house and care for him properly. Minors must have their parents consent and be willing to allow us to call. This is a beautiful young dragon with a personality to match, we want to make sure he goes to a good caring home. Offers will be accepted based on the date and time of the email, personal message to me listed below or posted on the Question and bid thread. The last 5 minutes if there is a new amount on him, we will extend the time for 5 more minutes and continue that till they are none in the last 5 minutes.

        We will post the current offers emailed or PM'ed to me on a thread on the site that is titled for this so others can see what the current status is or you can post it yourself below

        Please send bids via E-Mail or PM to CheriS or click the link below
        Please click here to bid on the thread
  2. CheriS

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    You can bid on the dragon by sending me either a PM or E-Mail using the links at the bottom of my post on this thread, or you can click on the link below to bid through the forums.

    Please click here to bid on the thread
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