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    I just got a baby bearded 5 days ago. He's 3 months old and the first bearded I've ever owned. Everything has been fine but today he started acting funny. I took him out to handle him and he was great. Really playful and calm but when I put him back in his cage he started to act funny. It seemed like he was trying to attack his reflection (he is housed in a glass tank) and he was clawing at the side of the tank. I tried to feed him some crickets but he totally ignored them, which is abnormal as he has a healthy appetite. Is this normal behavior or should I be worried? Thanks!

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    This is normal, beardies are competitive and will attack their own reflection thinking it is another beardie. Especially young ones, a lot of beardies do it even at an older age and it's fine, having stuff in the glass tank to keep him busy helps too. Make sure the temperature and humidity is right too, but I'm sure it is.
    Covering up the glass will help, you know, on the sides that don't have an opening for you to take him out?

    Is there anything outside the glass tank like a background or plant maybe? He might be trying to get to it but the glass is blocking him....I have seen this before.

    Some beardies will "glass dance" if they see a reflection/a beardie outside the glass tank. This is a way of saying "hey I'm over here and this is my territory, you have been warned" - Beardies are "All beard and no bite", it shouldn't ever really show any aggression or anything to you though.

    P.S I'm not English so this was rather a challenge getting my words across ;)

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    He might not be attacking at all..

    It is normal for a bearded dragon to want to come out of the enclosure again after being put away. They will "run up" the sides of the wall and it looks as if they're trying to climb out/attack something.

    Unless his beard was puffed out, I doubt he was upset/trying to attack something.

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