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Discussion in 'Treefrogs' started by eufa1313, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. eufa1313

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    id like to start by saying i am a newb to this forum & i'm just saying "HELLO"

    but my question is this...
    I just purchased 2 GTF's and i've ready read about 10 diffrent care sheets online b4 i even made the purchase (online w/my droid)
    its a 50/50 in whether or not i should add heating (bulb or UTH) to there enclosure,
    I have a zoomed UTH already on the tank but not plugged in and a night heat bulb ready for use..
    but in the care sheets ive read, half says use heat/light the other says they do just fine with little to no heat/light,

    now im no expert when it comes to these pretty little frogs but i really want them to live a long happy life in there tank

    what do you all suggest i do???

    should i turn on the lamp or plug in the UTH or should i use both or what???????????

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  3. lestat

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    What is the temperature of your home? A GTF shouldn't normally need extra heat, but if your home is really cold, you'll need to heat them.

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