fire belly toad purging?

Discussion in 'Fire Bellied Toads' started by cherith, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. cherith

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    i have 5 fire bellies, and they all seen perfectly healthy accept every now and then they will purge up this white phlemy tissuy looking stuff. some times it has little black dots in it sometimes its just white, and after they purge it up, yank it outa there mouth, they seem just fine, somtimes i catch the minows yankin it off them, odd. wtf is this stuff? i can t find any answers online, i need to know if they are sick, or if this is normal? :s
  2. Cammy

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    What you are describing sounds like shed skin. It is a kind of gooey clearish-white. The belly skin will be smooth but the back skin will be spattered with little black dots from where the bumps on their skin are. I doubt they are actually "purging," although it may appear that way since they are prone to eating part of the skin when they are done. You are probably just seeing them pull what they don't want out of their mouth. I know it sounds gross, but it's totally normal.

    Sorry for the delayed response and welcome to the boards!
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