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Discussion in 'General Amphibians' started by VividDragon, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Hi my name is Heather...I have Bearded Dragons...but I'm wanting to get some dart frogs...still have tons of research to do firt so will be while before I buy any. My question is can you mix any of the dart frogs together and is there one kind of dart frog that is harder to keep?
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    It is strongly recomended to NOT mix species together as they will interbreed and it can contaminate the blood-lines. In general their are four main types that i would recomend for beginners, D. leucomelas, D. tinctorius, D. azureus, and D. auratus. their are many different morphs of these species to pick from, out of the four D. leucomelas are more arborial but will use the floor space of a viv also. their are many other different types of darts like the thumbnail (extremely small) species but they are also much more difficult to care for and they are generally more expensive. If your willing to care for them and setup a viv for them they will be a most rewarding experience for you. their are also forums like dendroboard.com that are devoted entirely to these frogs. Good luck to you
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    Yes, you can mix similar sized darts... auratus are very easy, and come in several colors. You can see the "super blue" morph in my avatar. I even have one that is patternless.. completely blue!

    Other species can cost a bit more.. and for that reason I think auratus would be perfect as a first dart.

    The only real problem with any of the frogs is finding a good supply of food in the correct size. these frogs DO eat a lot.

    Find a good source of fruit flies, and learn how to produce them yourself first. It is very easy!

    Once you can keep a steady supply of food on hand.. you are set. Not that you can't feed them crickets, you can of course.. but it is just so much easier, and cheaper to feed them fruit flies.
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    Not to get off topic but that patternless auratus is really cool!!! i've never seen one that vibrant before
  5. dogking

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    WOW!! I just got a 20 gallon tank and was thinking about getting a frog. I was wondering how to tell the difference between the different kinds of dart frogs, what their setups are like, and how expensive they are. Could you show some picks of your setup? Where would i find a fruit fly supplier. It would be great If you could answer some of these questions. also I was wondering if they are poisonous and if they are can you still pick them up?
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    their poison comes from what they eat. in the wild they eat ants and termites and such that have venom, and this is absorbed. they should be fine if you feed them crickets or fruit flies. I want to get a strawberry poison dart from myself. i luv the vibrant red on a dark blue combo.
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    do NOT mix species! do NOT even let it cross your mind. if you even mentioned mixing on any forum mainly for darts you would be flamed to no end. pm me and I will give you a site that very very v ey very very resoursefull when keeping dart frogs. I posted it before but it got deleted, I guess they are trying to keep people here. I always thought it was about the animals well being, I'd much rather you get the right information and have happy healthy frogs.

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