cresties wont eat very much

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  1. odiscloud

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    i just bough tmy cresties a couple of days ago, theyre about 3 months old, when i feed tem from the spoon using clarks gecko diet the dont seem to notice that its food they just want to jump in it anything i can do for this?

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  3. Geckonator

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    Don't worry about it for now, I had the same problem with my guy...just make sure there's always some CGD in their tank and try not to handle them for a week or so just to let them get used to their new surroundings. if the CGD doesn't work out you'll have to try mushed fruit or live food (I use mealworms). I've started to bring CGD back into my guys diet, he wouldn't touch it before and he lost some weight so I tried worms and he's getting kinda chubby :) What kind of set up do you have? If you could post some pictures of your cresties it would appreciated, Good luck !

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