55 gallon tank questions?

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by jalli18, Aug 14, 2005.

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    I just got a new 55 gal long tank for my 8 month old basilisk and was wandering if anyone could give me a few tips on keeping the humidity up around 80-90% and i wanted to know if a 60 watt spot light, 60 watt heat emitter, and a 18 in UV light (reptisun) are going to be enuff to warm it to mid to upper 80's. I already know about covering as much of the top up with plastic is an optionbut im afraid that he's not gonna get enuff air circulation and i seem to have a problem with mold and mildew if i do that.
    i spray and spray with a mister and a squirt bottle but i cant seem to get the humidity up it always drops back to 50-60% in about an hour. Oh and i have 1 gal water dish with a bubble stone in it. That worked in his former 20 gal but not in this one.

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    I read that live plants can help keep humidity up. Also misters, but I also read that they tend to break often.
    A small waterfall would help keep the humidity up.
    I have a bearded dragon, so I try to keep humidity down below 50% myself.
    Good luck.

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