2 loving beardies need new home

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by Eileithia, Oct 14, 2010.

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    Hi everyone. I have 2, 18 month old, healthy, and lively beardies. My husband and I feel terrible, but we are looking for a good, loving home for these two (who can go separately as they don't really know each other...in fact, their natural instincts would be to kill each other..but such is the life of a male bearded dragon
    We are in the process of possibly moving out of country, and the move would go fast (for my husband's work) and we don't want to pass these dragons on haphazardly and not have them go to a great home. So I am posting now in hopes of finding someone as enthusiastic as we are who will give them time, love and attention. Here are some stats.

    Both healthy. Vet checked.
    Diet: Crickets mainly. Some superworms, (occasionally).
    Daily vegetables: cut up green beans...a fave of Yoshi's. Collared Greens. Sugar snap peas. Butternut squash. Blueberries are a particular favorite..a candy treat!

    The viv's are in excellent condition and made by my husband. Picture #6 really shows them best.
    http://picasaweb.google.ca/bobbyulcar/B ... 3954712850

    UVB - Reptiglo 10.0 18" bulbs (BRAND NEW AS OF 2 DAYS AGO!!)
    Heat - Sunglo 100W - brand new as of today.
    Calcium powder and Multi-vitamin powder - only 1 of each, so first buyer gets it (unless you take both).
    We also have two cricket keepers - 1 large (homemade) and 1 small (store-bought).

    We can include a small glass enclosure, possibly ideal for frogs.

    Location: Toronto, Canada.
    Pick up. I cannot really see shipping as humane. These guys would be terrified. Plus, they each come with their own viv, which is pretty heavy and requires two people to lift.

    They are used to being in a home office and seeing people all day long. They will come to you to be fed. Both will eat from your hand if you get then used to you and hold the food out to them. Otherwise, they eat crickets from the transfer cup or chase them and eat them. Used to being handled. Like to sit on your shoulder.
    Regular 'baths' in the tub. They'll swim around or sit and soak.
    We just ask that they not be housed in a basement or somewhere without human interaction as they have been quite domesticated.
    They each come with their own viv (4' x 2' x 2') with ceramic tile flooring and necessary light fixtures, as well as styrofoam rock structures.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Please e-mail me at mandyulcar@yahoo.ca if interested.

    http://picasaweb.google.ca/bobbyulcar/B ... 3954712850

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    Aw I wish I could take them for you! Unfortunately I'm too far away and don't have the room, I wish you all the good fortune in the world in finding your babies good homes. :)

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