Your boas name?

Discussion in 'Boas' started by JoshMueller, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. JoshMueller

    JoshMueller Embryo

    Post your boas name/s

    My 2 year old female columbian red tail is Ms. Kenzington
  2. adam2373

    adam2373 Embryo

    Northern Emerald Tree Boa- Ares
  3. FergieTony

    FergieTony Embryo

    Mexican Rosy Boa- Cobalt
    Kenyan Sand Boa- Grace
  4. liza714

    liza714 Embryo

    BRB Cabo Bom Sorte (means lucky ribbon in Portugeuse) BP Fluffy (my kid has a sick sense of humor she named her rabbit, Rooster)
  5. Lokismommy

    Lokismommy Embryo

    Sir Hiss-Orange Amazon tree boa
    Ichabod-Halloween Amazon tree boa
    Little John-Dumerils boa
    Isis-Brazilian Rainbow boa
    Tranquility-female Nicaraguan boa
    Voodoo-male Nicaraguan boa
    Bella-Whitewater rosy boa
    Amon-Kenyan sand boa
  6. tjhallock

    tjhallock Embryo

    Rosy Boa - Mango
    RTB - Garnet
  7. Birdman

    Birdman Embryo

    Columbian RedTail = VELVET
    Columbian RedTail = SATIN
    Ball Python = FLUFFY
    Albino CA King = RIBBON
  8. liza714

    liza714 Embryo

    Birdman I never thought to meet another person with a BP named fluffy. Too weird.
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  9. Birdman

    Birdman Embryo

    Liza, I thought the same thing when I saw your was my girlfriend's idea :)
  10. Prttyhtmchn

    Prttyhtmchn Embryo

    My BCI's name is BreƱa, after an A Perfect Circle song.
  11. gadd19

    gadd19 Embryo

    RTB2 i have my second red tail, so i named em rtb2
    ps: star wars is awsome! lol
  12. mrphil

    mrphil Embryo

    Columbian Boa - Lucy
  13. BoyntonStylez

    BoyntonStylez Embryo

    My columbian is echo.
  14. TempGuy

    TempGuy Embryo

    Unlike you guys, my ammie suffered from the lack of imagination for a name. My girlfriend and I call ground boas & pythons "piles" because they usually look like a pile o' snake. So my ammie, although he's a tree boa, somewhat active, and somewhat terrestrial, naturally went from being called pile and eventually boa-pile, pronounced "boapilee". Good thing I didn't get a ball python (it would be called 'python-ball')!
  15. raggamuffin

    raggamuffin Embryo

    I have a baby BRB called Spoon, but he's currently on the run and I don't think I'll ever get him back it's been at least 2 mnths since he dissaperd :)
  16. Slorgg

    Slorgg Embryo

    I got a BRB I call Sid.....the sloth cause she doesn't like to move for weeks at a time :D
  17. 6' male,red tail--Isaiah
    5'6" female red-tail--sydney
  18. boa's name

    6' rtb male Isaiah
    5'6" rtb female sydney
  19. Merc

    Merc Embryo

    hmmm ok snakes names , i'll start from big to small

    MoJo is my 5 ft red tail (male.... and in desprate search for a cute gurl friend ;) )

    George is my oldest royal ball python (male... curious george was the inspiration)

    Baby gurl is my young royal ball and yes she as the name implies is a gurl :)

    Ash is my mexican desert black king (male )

    Real tree is my new guinea tree boa ( male ... and named for his uncanny camo pattern that i see on many hunting clothes hehe)

    and i have a new and yes my first corn snake she is a albino and a cutie that i hope to one day mate with Ash and she hasnt gotten a name yet , but i have been thinking about it ... just havent had anything jump out at me :)
  20. Lokismommy

    Lokismommy Embryo

    Lol I have a sonoran desert king that I named Ash. And here I thought giving him an egyptian name would be unusual.

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