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  1. swizZer

    swizZer Embryo

    I finally got my first ever Leopard Gecko!

    Picked him up last night from the breeders. He is a reverse stripe mack albino het for raptor and was born 6/6/10. I've named him Elliot and he seems to be settling in ok. He spent some time last night exploring his new house, then spent the rest of the evening in his moist hide where he went to sleepers! Got up this morning to find him snoozing in his warm hide (he's still there now). Gonna give him some food tonight and see how he gets on.

    He's a lovely little fella, and I will post some pics when he's had a couple more days to settle in :D

    One question before I go, does anyone else have the same morph? I would love to see what colour he will be when he grows up!

    Catch you later

  2. swizZer

    swizZer Embryo

    Here he is...



    Cute little dude isn't he? :D

    Seems to be spending a lot of time in his warm hide at the moment. Doesn't seem too interested in the cooler side for some reason? Warm side temp varies between 31-33 and the cold side is 17-19. Wonder if the cold side is too cold? Any ideas anyone please?


  3. StikyPaws312

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    Oh wow! He's a very pretty leo! I love albino leos... congrats!

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