Yet more questions about diet

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by reptiles4me, Feb 18, 2006.

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    187 I am a little confused...Recently I have been reading that bird seed is not needed in a Uro's diet. I always thought they did need it for digestion. Can anyone tell me if they have to have bird seed? Mine doesn't seem to like it, as it ends up all over his cage. It's as if he's going through the salad, picking out the seeds. Should I be offering the seed in a separate dish?

    I also have a question concerning Bok Choy...I have been feeding him only the green part. Can the stem be chopped up and given as well? And just so ya know he primarily gets Bok Choy and endive. I also put some greens/vegetables that I have for my Bearded, such as mustard, collard, squash, peas, carrots, and string beans. I usually switch it up to provide variety. Does that sound ok?

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