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    I would love to get some more info on Yellow Plated Lizards. I have been looking up online for a few hours now and have not came up with much info. Here is what I already have.

    2 Yellow plated Lizard each about 21" long from tip of nose to end of tail
    65 gallon reptarium
    wood /dirt ground cover
    wster dish
    a few fake plants and vine
    spray bottle
    light 1 Sun glow daylight 60w
    Repto Glo 2.0 uvb (26w)
    Thermometer 78F
    Hygrometer 55

    so the question i have is.

    how humid should it be?
    how long should each light be on?
    do they need any light at night?
    how much and often should they eat?
    is there a way to tell what sex they are?
    is there anything else they need in the reptarium?

    I would like to thank you all in advance for and and all the help you may give me.


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    The humidity needs to be moderate, to high. Usually I keep it anywhere from 55-75%. You can usually easily keep it this way by using bed-a-beast. As for the lights, keep the uvb and sun glow daylight during daylight hours, or a 12 hour period (6a-8p is typical daylight hours). They should also have a night heat light, either infa-red or night glow. The yellow plated lizard that I take care of in our pet store usually eats about 10 large crickets a day, a few superworms every other day, and we always offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Usually you can look at the inside of their back thighs and if you see large spurs (rows of "bumps") they are male. Females usually have small "bumps" or none at all. They love to burrow, so make sure that the bedding is at least 2 inches thick and spray the tank a couple of times a day. Hope this helps.

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