'Wobbly' Savannah Monitor.

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    Hello everyone! Im new to the forums here so bare with me while i figure things out :). My newly acquired baby savannah monitor is having some issues. Here's a little information about her and her enclosure. As of right now she is 17'5 inches long, weighing in at about 288g's. On a steady diet of crickets and superworms. Her enclosure AT THE MOMENT is a 40 gallon tank with screen top, and it truly sucks. With some moist topsoil for substrate. Theres a big enough water dish for her to submerge in and drink, and a log on her hot side for basking and hiding. Her humidity is 50-60% at all times. I achieve this by damp towels and misting and turning up the soil. her basking is it at 115-120f and the overal temp in the tank is 90f. I have achieved tempature by encasing the glass with heat visors. The issue I am having with her began yesterday while hand feeding her on my bed, she seemed a little wobbly and off balanced. I took it as she was having issues on the fluffy blanket. But again today I took her out to feed her some superworms and I truly saw she was having some major issues catching it and running after it. I have been reading up on why this is happening but there truly isnt information on google about savannahs. I have narrowed it down to calcium deficiency or dehydration, but im not sure. I have just placed a uvb bulb on her tank for safe measure and dusted some worms to put in her tank as well. I haven't been dusting the crickets as much as I should, scared to overload calcium (maybe once a week dusted crickets). Maybe she should have more heat at night? I havent measured the heat in her tank at night as of yet, but i will tonight when lights go out. I do have an extra red bulb i could use. Suggestions and knowledge is very helpful. Any guesses as to how old she is good too!

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