who lives in derby?

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by reptileworld, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. reptileworld

    reptileworld Embryo

    hi i live in derby so i am just asking who lives in derby as well? please let me know thanks ;)
  2. Just_Some_Guy

    Just_Some_Guy Embryo

    Where on earth is derby?

    btw the if you do this:


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  3. reptileworld

    reptileworld Embryo

    thanks mate ;) and have a look at google where derby is lol
  4. Geckoguy52

    Geckoguy52 Embryo

    i don't live in the UK, but i know derby from their football (not american football, real football) team. I know a couple of people that used to live in derby. From what i've heard, its a nice area.
  5. reptileworld

    reptileworld Embryo

    it is nice to live yer derby county the rams ;):p
  6. YourChameleon

    YourChameleon Embryo

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