White Spots/patches???

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by gawdess559, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Hey, ive noticed lately that my Mali Uro has white spots/patches on her chin and face, its not on her body or tail, just her pretty little face. I was wondering what it could be.

    Unfortunately I dont know how to post pics, so if I took some I wouldnt be able to post them, but I just dont know what it could be. I havent given her a soak in a while, but then again, it dosent look like shedding, its different completely. Shes active enough and eats... though lately ive been having to wake herup and shes not been hungry (but she goes through spells like that every now and then since ive gotten her, over a year ago) So Ive seen her shed adn go through the process but this is different..

    any thoughts on what it could be?

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  3. CheriS

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    uro's can get white spots as they grow and age, but also this could be some kinc of fungus also, the best thing would be to have a professional check her

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