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  1. Hi everyone. I was wondering, does anyone have any idea where I would be able to purchase antivenin (antivenom). I know that it is available because a lot of owners of venomous reptiles keep it in stock, but where do you get it? Is there a website wholesaler or something I could order from? Thanks for the info!
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    I know crofab (rattlesnake a/v here in the US) has a site but Im not sure if you can buy it direct from them or not. I think you could probably have a doctor help you get some. There are alot of problems with keeping your on a/v. First, most are not fda apporved. With that, it can be hard to get a doctor to give it to you. I've heard horror stories about doctors refusing to give a/v to a bit victim. Thats why its important to talk with your doctor about this stuff. Get to know them so they will give you a/v. Now if you are bitten by a rattlesnake then yes you will get a/v for them. Crofab is approved. Another problem is cost. This stuff is very expensive and most bites require more than 1 vial of a/v so you will have to buy alot depending on the snake and size of the snake. More venom in means more a/v needed sometimes. So if you can get a doctor to give it to you and can aford it there is the problem of shelf life. This stuff doesnt last forever.
  3. Ok awesome thank you for all the information. I wanted to know about it's availability before buying a rattlesnake. I do not feel comfortable owning one in my home without being sure that I have access to the antivenin in case I get bitten or it gets out. Thank you for the information :D.
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    In the US, its available in most places. Just check your hospitals. If you live in an area with alot of rattle snakes and rattle snake bites then you are ok. If you are going to get a rattlesnake, make sure that they are legal in your state, county, and local municipality (wether it be township or borou).
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    Yes you can buy antivenin in Mexico or online at the only place that will distribute it, and i buy antivenin for my snakes here www.antivenomandvaccine.com they have a laboratory in mexico
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    Unless you have a note from a doctor it is illegal to own anti venom in the US, if you get a note it is only good for snakes native to the US and exotic snake anti venom is not FDA approved.

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