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Discussion in 'Venomous Snakes' started by tupi1, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. tupi1

    tupi1 New Member

    I love snakes but never quite got the point of keeping hots..Plus im bored and have never talked to hot owners or even considered having one myself...
    So what is the big thing about venomous?
    I understand keeping them for research and making antivenom etc..
    Do you keep antivenom around in case you get bit by some exotic species that local hospitals cant treat?
    What if there is a tornado or hurricane and your snakes get out and bite some little kid.Wouldnt you feel really bad? (number one reason I dont keep hots, is Ive lost a few snakes, can you imagine what my hubby would do if I lost a Mamba in the house.LOL)

    Wouldnt you worry if you lived next door to crackheads who you knew kept hots and you had kids?

    Not trying to flame anyone just like to hear from actual venomous owners.I am not a troller or someone that thinks we should make more laws, just a curious snake owner.
  2. reptileboards

    reptileboards Moderator Staff Member

    I do not keep hots, but i do know several people that do.

    Where I live (FL) there are several laws in place for venomous snake keepers. You have to be 18 years old, you have to have 1000 hours of documented time with venomous reptiles before you can get a permit. And you have to pay 100 dollar per year for the permit. Routine inspections are normal (by state wildlife officers). There are state mandated cage requirements.. cage sizes, locks etc. A disaster (hurricane) plan also has to be filed with the state. There are a few other regulations as well.

    All of the keepers that I know are very passionate about the snakes they keep, and the venomous part of it just seems to be one of the challenges of keeping them. They truely love the animals.
  3. Felixjim

    Felixjim New Member

    I have kept several hots in the past but only have 1 right now. The reasoning for me is the same as any other herp, I think its a beautiful animal. Just the fact that its venomous doesn't matter to me.

    I can't really speak to that, the hospitals in my area could treat a bite from any hot I've kept. That would be a big factor for me when deciding what species I plan on keeping! I don't think I would keep a truly deadly snake without knowing for sure there was antivenom in my area. I'm sure there are alot of brave souls who do just that.
  4. Bree

    Bree New Member

    I don't keep hots either, and won't however, I do see the appeal. They are by far some of the most beautiful snakes ever...if I could get the tamed down version without the hot part, I'd be all over them!

    I admire them...but through windows at exhibitions or from a distance. Honestly I feel that we could ask this question about any number of reptiles that don't quite hit our 'gotta have it button'. I like my reptiles without legs for the most part...others won't touch anything unless it is four on the floor. Preference.
  5. tupi1

    tupi1 New Member

    I love the eyelash vipers, those colors are just insane.My other favorite is the gaboon vipers.
    I would never own one even if someone tried to give me one. But they are really cool.

    I prefer the legless variety myself.I love my little leopard gecko and my cham but seriously my snakes are my passion.
  6. Keegan Rowlinson

    Keegan Rowlinson New Member

    Venomous is definently something for a select group but they really are some of the most beautiful snakes around for example the Mangshan Pit Viper looks like a living camo suit.As for the keeping antivenin it is illegal and viewed as a controlled substance only way to keep it is be a doctor.
  7. tupi1

    tupi1 New Member

    I wonder why its a controlled substance.Its not like you can high off it (at least I dont think you can.LOL)..
  8. Keegan Rowlinson

    Keegan Rowlinson New Member

    You can potentially kill someone with it if they have not been bitten.
  9. justkev

    justkev Hi :) Staff Member

    I am not sure if they are technically a "controlled substance". But they are by prescription only. Most of them can carry some pretty serious side-effects like cardiac arrest and even death (never a fun thing :confused:).

    Definitely not something you want to keep in your medicine cabinet at home.
  10. StikyPaws312

    StikyPaws312 Moderator Staff Member

    ... and anti venom is ridiculously expensive and doesn't really have a very long shelf life... lol
  11. lwwest

    lwwest New Member

    I like to use venomous for education. The general ignorance out there is vast. But that's really the only reason.

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