what species is this, anyone?

Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by tf, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. tf

    tf Embryo


    Found this in the yard and i am having difficulty determining the species. it is about 30 cm long and was found in armidale, NSW. it has a very thin faint yellow eye strip and the eyes appear to be a dark red.

  2. norgan

    norgan Embryo

    looks like a brown snake or taipan to me, but i'm not really a snake expert.
  3. Mikey13

    Mikey13 Embryo

    was thinking the same myself, what kind of area was it found in? like ur backyard or in a reserve etc
  4. tf

    tf Embryo

    it was a whip snake. we relocated it out the back yard...
  5. whips are in florida i thought, oops those are racer whips... brown whip maybe? i dunno, im much more a python guy if any snake at all
  6. thepogona

    thepogona Embryo

    I was going to say taipan or collett's if it were venomous. But that makes sense.
  7. earlsta

    earlsta Embryo

    dude, if you go to collect that, make sure you have a phone in you're other hand, because you'd wanna call the ambulance fast if that bites you.
    I'm pretty sure its a taipan, probally a coastal one.
    deadliest snake in the world, be carefull, im not a snake expert, but taipans i see a lot on tv (documentarys) call a snake handler to get it, its deadly.
  8. igot_dragon

    igot_dragon Embryo

    Deadliest snake in the world? Not likely... but the taipan does have the most potent venom for any land snake, only the true sea snake has a stronger venom.
  9. earlsta

    earlsta Embryo

    taipans are the deadliest, they are fierce snakes that attack when aren't even provoked too much, trust me I've seen them being handled by snake professionals on documentaries here in australia. The expert snake handlers do not take their eyes of the thing when their around it, they even say it's the worst part of the job, handling a taipan, you just need to walk past it and it can bite you.
  10. norgan

    norgan Embryo

    the inland taipan or feirce snake is black and has the deadliest venom although is easily startled and doesn;t bight as quick as some so they say it's not the "most dangerous" but yeah stay away from it. it looks more like some other taipan to me, not a tiger but maybe a taipan of some sort, either way it will be quite poisonous and very dangerous to have around your house, i'd go with the snake handler option, or try wires.
  11. thepogona

    thepogona Embryo

    they're #3 in the world, that's all I remember.
  12. CornyGuy

    CornyGuy Well-Known Member

    Taipans?? They're number 1. They have the most toxic venom, but they are not considered the *most dangerous*. That would be the Black Mamba or the King Cobra.

    To me, it looks like a Inland Taipan or an Eastern Brown.
  13. You are all wrong, the Gardenia Nylexius is the deadliest!

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