what should i not feed my beardie?

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    what are some fruits, veggies and live food that they should not eat?


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    Hey there danny,

    I think this link should provide you with all of the information you need about staple food items for your dragon, along with information about what to never feed and what to only offer on occasion.

    There are both feeder insects and salad items in that list... you can also check out a little article that Cheri Smith wrote here in the reptilerooms bearded dragon database. There's tons of good information about dragons here, and the articles that pertain specifically to your question are titled "A Bearded Dragon Salad" and "Edible Greens for Bearded Dragons"

    The key is variety, although there are some things that you may feel obligated to never include based on what the websites say, if you have a well balanced salad base with quality nutritional greens and are using proper supplementation on feeder insects, its okay to even feed a wee bit of spinach on OCCASION :p just dont go overboard.

    Things I would never feed include iceberg lettuce (little nutrition, high water, results in diarrhea), mealworms, and obviously the toxic plants noted in the website list. Great staple items are dark, leafy greens such as collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, endive and escarole, etc and great feeder insects that can be fed at staples include silkworms, various species of roaches, crickets, and pheonix worms. Make sure your insects are well gutloaded to provide the best nutrition possible, bugs are pretty much an empty shell without a quality food source...you are what your....food eats? haha

    EDIT: I went ahead and merged your question from the other topic you posted in here as a quotatio n due to the similarity of the questions(it wouldn't let me merge them for some reason).

    Superworms are an excellent choice as a regular feeder insect for sub-adult to adult dragons, but I would still put primary focus on crickets, silkworms, and roaches as primary feeders. Supers just have a little too much shell and often size for a young beardie to handle. As for places to buy from, I got these from a quick search... hopefully someone from Canada can provide some more help on quality suppliers and their experience with them:




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    Avoid avocado's as they are poisonous to most animals.

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