What does an Armadillo Lizard Need

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by Chip, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. Chip

    Chip Embryo

    I'm considering to get an armadillo lizard but i had a few questions.
    1. Can they eat a variety of bugs and act as the pest patrol around a home. i hope to feed the lizard fruits and vegetables but I also want it to take care of my bug problems sometimes
    2. I don't want to buy bugs for them to eat so can they sustain their health with fruits and vegetables.
    3. If they can eat fruits and vegetables what are they.
    4. Do they need a cage at all can't they be left out like another pet.
    5. Do they remain with their owner and if they remained nearby me without a cage at all times would they ever try to take my food when I'm eating.
    6. Do they get lost easily
    7. What temperature do tgey need to be kept at
    8. Do they bite or are they hard to train
    9. Do they shed skin
    10. Can they be trained to have a destined litter box so they wouldn't need a cage.
    11. Can they ever be left alone after being trained with food and water present. Would they overeat
    or leave the house.
    12. How do you tell if they need attention due to physical pain or sickness

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