Western Canadian Reptile Expo 2011 Red Deer August 27-28 2010

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    Just under 3 weeks to go and look at the list we already have for 2011!! We are 5 tables away from selling out. This is a show that you will not want to miss. We never would have imagined we would have over 149 tables booked. Better act fast if you want to become a part of this show. If you would like to become a vendor, please email info@wcre.ca right away as we are down to 5 tables left. Table fees are now $100/table Ahhh we can't wait... If thought last years show was good, you will be amazed this year with all the changes that we have made. Thanks to all the vendors and sponsors who have got behind this show so early. This show is going to be huge. We have a maximum of 154 tables to fill the current layout. If you are wanting to vend, you will want to book soon to confirm you get a spot. We have a feeling that this will be sold out in the next few days. Act fast if you are needing a spot

    2011 Show Vendors Booked To Date
    Updated August 9, 2011
    Cornel's World Show Promoter
    J&J Reptiles Show Promoter
    RRR Corns
    Celtic Serpents Show Sponsor
    Mark's Gone Snakee
    Mighty Monsters Show Sponsor
    Two Monsters Exotics Show Sponsor
    Mitchell Reptiles
    Falkenberg Farms
    Skimmerhorn Exotic
    Canadian Mouseman Show Sponsor
    Chris/Linsey Stinson
    Reptiles Canada Main Show Sponsor
    Port Credit Pets Main Show Sponsor
    CRBE Main Show Sponsor
    AJ Pets
    Mo Perri
    Ectothermic Reptiles Show Sponsor
    Arctic Circle
    Western Gecko
    TARAS kids corner
    The Urban Reptile Main Show Sponsor
    Ball Python World
    Tickeld Pink Exotics
    Big Als Main Show Sponsor
    Legend Boas Show Sponsor
    Superior Constrictor
    TnT Reptiles
    Ryan/Terri Petersen
    Exotic Sepents
    Dan Uremovic
    Robinson Royal Pythons
    Blue Moon Geckos
    Mickey Aslam
    A&A Dragons
    Darwins Reptiles
    Chameleons Galore
    SHP Reptiles
    Northern Gecko
    Zoo Med Main Show Sponsor
    KGB Reptiles
    The Gecko District
    Canadian Exotics
    Shawn Johnson
    Snakeboy Exotics
    Reptile Radio
    Bush League Breeders Club
    JT Chameleons
    PIJAC Canada
    Snap Dragonz
    The Antennae Foundation
    Tarantula Canada
    Saskatchewan Exotics
    First Strike Snakes
    Peter and Teresa Amstutz
    Corey Woods
    Colin Sobkowich
    Rimridge Farms
    MC Ball Pythons
    MAI Art Expressions (Face Painter)
    StickyToes Herpetoculture
    Robin Henderson Reptiles
    Invictus Exotics
    Better Boa
    Mist King
    Dewinton Pet Hospital
    Raven Reptiles
    Mutant Boas
    Just Reptiles
    Tashina Wenzowski
    Matt Kennedy
    Zen Reptiles
    Herp Nation Magazine
    Adrian Walker
    Henry Piorun
    Brad MacDonald
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    Lookee Lookee we have more bookings. Vendor List has been updated. Dont miss out. Get you tables booked today.

    Thanks also to Zoo Med for signing on as the WCRE 2011 Main Show Sponsor. It is great to have one of the biggest manufacturer and suppliers of reptile supplies in North America. We couldn't be more excited.

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team
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    Excited to now announce that not only are we over 100 tables booked, but we also have added another main sponsor. Thanks to the Urban Reptile for also steeping up into the main sponsor category for the show. It is much appreciated.105 tables as of today with a ton more possibles.
  4. Greg_West

    Greg_West New Member

    Info for those wondering where this show is:


    Announcing the 2nd Annual WESTERN CANADIAN REPTILE EXPO Saturday August 27th, and August 28th 2011 at the Capri Hotel and Conference Centre in Red Deer Alberta! You heard right we are moving to a better location to better serve the needs of our vendors and our patrons.

    Western Canada's largest Reptile Expo will bring some of the biggest vendors and tons of reptile breeders and suppliers from across Canada to Red Deer. Reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates as well as all the supplies you could ever think of will be on display and ... sale. We also hope to have some special guests on hand (TBA)

    After the success of our first show at the end of August 2010 an announcement was made that the show would continue for years to come. The contracts have been signed and we are here to stay.

    "As this was our first show, we were blown away by the quality vendors and the interest generated by the public at the show," promoter Greg West said. "We now have plans to revamp certain aspects of the previous show and make it even better in the years to come. Our first step was changing venues to the Capri Hotel and Conference Centre which we felt would better fit the needs of our vendors as well as make it more convenient to the patrons who are coming from out of town.."

    Saturday August 27th 2011 to Sunday August 28th . 2011
    10-5 Saturday
    11-4 Sunday
    Capri Hotel and Conference Centre
    3310 50 Ave
    Red Deer, Alberta

    Admission: $5.00 Each or $15.00 for a family of 4.


    Don't miss out on your opportunity to target attendees from Central Alberta, Edmonton, AND Calgary!

    Tables are $80.00 each until July 31st 2011 and must be paid in full to receive this rate. No post dated cheques will be accepted.
    After August 1, 2011, tables are $100.00 each
    To book tables or inquire on the show, please contact:
    Greg West - (403) 807-0168 or info@wcre.ca
    Jim Dyke - (403) 273-4666 jjreptiles@shaw.ca

    If interested in vending or in sponsorship information, please send an email to info@wcre.ca , and we can send you out our information package.


    The WCRE Team
  5. Greg_West

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    More vendors added. This show grows week by week and we are still over 6 months away. Book soon if you want to ensure you get a spot. We are at 113 confirmed tables booked at this point and the bookings keep coming in. You don't want to miss this show.
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    Vendor and Sponsor list have been updated. Still sponsorship opportunities available and the sooner you sign up the more advertising you get.

    Book today for the venodor list as well to get your business name out there and get as many presales before the show that you can.
  7. Greg_West

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    Vendor list has been updated. This show is going to be huge. This is the most vendors that we have ever seen in Western Canada and we are so excited to be hosting it.

    We have almost got this show fully booked. If you have tentatively booked, it is best to pay for your tables soon to confirm that you have your tables as we are close to starting a waiting list.

    Also it would be recommended to reserve rooms. The hotel does have lots, but it would suck if you weren't able to get a room there as the plan is to have everything in one place.

    See you all there. Can't wait...
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    The vendor list has been updated. We are almost sold out. I know we could book 130 tables for sure, but would have never thought we would sell out, and it is beginning to look that way. We are so stoked for this show and so are a ton of other people as vendors and as attendees coming to buy animals/supplies.

    We have a great representation basically Canada Wide and some vendors that have never vended out west. Make sure to mark the dates on your calendars as you will be kicking yourself if you miss this show. Hope to see you all there.

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team
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    More vendors added. Who's getting excited? Have your hotel rooms booked yet? The talk about this show is starting to heat up on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to spread the word to all of your friends.

    Follow us on Twitter at @WCRERedDeer (http://twitter.com/#!/WCRERedDeer) or on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/110721422349577/)

    The more the word gets out the better.

    The advertising is in full swing already, and we are starting to send out the posters to those who have volunteered to post the posters for us. Thanks to all of those who volunteered. A big part of the success of the show will be because of you.

    There are a few tables left if anyone is still looking to book.

    See you all at the show.

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team
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    5 Tables Left! 5 Tables Left! 5 Tables Left! 5 Tables Left! 5 Tables Left!

    Can you believe it? We Can. See you there.

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