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Discussion in 'Venomous Snakes' started by CheriS, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. CheriS

    CheriS Is well known here

    There has been several request for this forum, so we are going to try it out and see how it goes. Please remember there are people of all ages on this site and some of them are very impressionable. This is a chance for trained keepers to have the opportunity to pass to the next generation their love & respect for venomous reptiles.

    It also is a chance for those with an interest to learn from others that have already "been there and done that". Use this forum to learn, share and educate others with what you have learned and also what you would like to learn.
  2. plmarsg8

    plmarsg8 Embryo

    Finally, a venomous forum.
  3. burky_tc

    burky_tc Embryo

    Thanks! Now I can spend more time reading and learning. I dont own venemous nor will because I can see myself getting lax around one and then bam! But still will enojoy admiring what people have and love to read about them.
  4. Blake_Herman

    Blake_Herman Embryo

    I'm really excited about this, and I'm trying to figure out what the first thing will be to post here... :D
  5. joshmitz

    joshmitz Embryo

    Awesome! I have been looking into venemous and i would really like one. However, since they need a secure room it wont be until i own my own house (which probably wont be until im done University, so at least 4 more years) haha, i think i will also have to move first, because ive been told that you cant keep hots in Alberta - not even Gila Monsters! but they still fascinate me and i want to learn everything i can about them, so this forum is great!
  6. joshmitz

    joshmitz Embryo

    and if you can't figure out anything to post, pictures are always a winner!
  7. 00luke00

    00luke00 Well-Known Member

    This is great, thanks CheriS. I think even to those who don't keep venemous (or don't even plan on keeping them) this will be a great learning point for them.
  8. toadboytodd

    toadboytodd New Member

    its about time..i've always had a fasination with snakes, especially the hots..hopefully i can find an expert here in ohio that will take the time to train me..so if you have the knowledge please share it with the rest of us

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