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    Hey guys I recently got a water dragon about a month ago and I would say he is six seven months olf but yesterday I tried feeding him a strawberry and his jaw starting making a popping noise I have been giving gim his calcium and vitamin d3 and I looked this up and it said he could be getting mbd and im very worried he has a exoterra bulb which I recently found out was inadequate so im going to buy a zilla one but could there be another cause for this popping noise he did rub against the glass for the first little while but has stopped recently but still jumps and runsbaround his enclosure and it seems that when he is basking or just chilling his mouth is wide open I would love to know if im doing something wrong he does habe a very small part of his snout that looks damaged and if anyome knows of remedy please let me know as I heard nose rub although may appear small can turn out badly if not looked after and any information atleast till I get him to the vet is appreciated

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    That's not much information to go on. The gaping is either due to overheating or a respiratory infection. There can be a clicking or wheezing associated with a respiratory infection, so that may be the noise you're hearing. Obviously, you need to have an accurate way to measure your temperatures for starters. You normally want about 75F cold, 85F hot, and 95F basking. You can get a good idea of hot and cold with an ambient thermometer, but you need a digital infrared thermometer to shoot the surface of your basking spot. In most cases, you can shut off your heat sources at night, but if it's a respiratory infection, you want to keep the heat up 24/7. As far as the nose rub, use something to cover up the back and sides of the enclosure completely. Also, cover at least the bottom 6 inches up front. If it's a fresh injury, you can use diluted iodine and/or triple antibiotic.

    Respiratory Infection

    Snout Rubbing

    Infections progress rapidly in young water dragons, so you're going to want to visit a vet. Definitely get your enclosure condtions right or you will continue to have problems.

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