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Discussion in 'General Snakes' started by shewolf, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Ok Akita my ball python bred with one of our males 3 times in November and December. Last time we put them together she bit him so figured she was done with that. She appeared to be showing all the signs of carrying eggs. Belly up, gaining weight, and all. Now shes still laying belly up, very restless at night, not eating but looks to have lost weight... I check her as Ive been told to feel for eggs and don't. Im beyond lost as to what is going on with her. Ive seen pics of females close to laying and females carrying eggs and shes not looking that way now. Shes a big girl regardless. So if no eggs why would she still be laying belly up?? Help Im really confused as to what is going on with her......

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