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  1. WildTiger

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    I have read contraversal things on using a UVB bulb and not with a uro.. I have read that it can cause problems if you use one too.. Also would using repti calcium on greens be better??

    Also is there certain greens they can get their calcium from instead..
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  2. mr_andrew

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    To be honest I have never heard about negative effects of using UVB lighting. Not saying its not true, but I did quite a bit of research when I got Angus and everything seemed to point to needing UVB lighting.
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  3. Nines

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    Nines refuses to eat any greens with any calcium powder applied to them.
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    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Salad item nutrition, and recommended feeding frequency:

    Collards are particularly high in calcium, but supplementation is still recommended. A varied diet is always best.

    UVB lighting is almost always (at the very least) beneficial. Even nocturnal herps exposed to short periods of UVB reap benefits from natural lighting and UV supplementation. A sun loving reptile like a Uromastyx should always have a UVB producing bulb.
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  5. StikyPaws312

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    I agree with Jeff, Andrew, and Rick... UVB is always a good thing, especially for the Uros :)
    About your questions about what to feed your uro.... we've had a bit of an ongoing discussion on here about the picky little eaters that they can be. Here's the link.
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  6. naykid

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    I bought a couple of cheap uvb bulbs for my uros, just experimenting with them and I noticed a huge difference in their attitude and eating habits. Even though the distance is too high for optimum UVB absorption in my enclosure, I definitely noticed a change. The smallest amount makes a difference:)
  7. WildTiger

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    All my lizards have UVB except my Uro right now as his bulb broke. His greens are dusted daily with calcium powder. He eats great now and gets out daily. I had planned on buying him new bulb. I was just wondering on how you all felt. I will try to find the page where I found the negative feed back for UVB bulbs..
  8. naykid

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    I have read articles about negative feedback on UVB , however it had to due with it producing radiation in your home.If you are exposed to the light while watching tv ect. you're being exposed to unnecessary radiation. I would be more concerned if I was sitting under the light bulb all day however I'm not. Don't bask under your own UVB bulb and you shouldn't have any problems, don't let little kids sit underneath the bulb , you shouldn't have any problems :)
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