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    Hey Ya Axe,

    I'm back. Got my project done with the dimmers to control the UTH and lights. Just got a couple more questions. OK. With what I have now I can pretty much dial in the temps inside the warm hide with the UTH and the air temp inside the tank both during the day and night with the designated lighting. I'm aiming for keeping the daytime air temp at about 90 degrees and the warm hide temp just a few degrees cooler. About 88 or so. Or should I keep the hide temp close to air temp? As for the night air temp, should I lower it or keep it the same as daytime?

    As for night lighting, I am currently using a black light. Very low light, but good heat. There are colored lights on the market that would seem to offer more light, for better viewing, being the night owl that I am, but do they offer enough heat to make it viable? My research hasn't shown me if geckos are colorblind or if they just respond to the intensity of the light.

    Your input is always welcome.

    I'm going to take a few shots of the tank and stand this weekend and I'll attach them when I get them back from Wally World. (Still gotta farm out the techy stuff.) Turned out pretty well for what I wanted to do. Next project.......a canopy to hide the lighting. Does it ever end?

    Stupid question! :wink:


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    I'd leave the pad at a constant temperature, because it's probably going to get cooler at night anyways, so it'll still feel cooler for the leo.

    lol, nope, it never ends, there's always new projects to start :D

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