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    he had done the impossible. He had won the Madden Mobile Coins Knicks a championship for the first time since 1973.HOW WE DID THISWe traded James for the worst rotation player on all 29 teams in the league (excluding the Cavaliers) and simulated the season on NBA 2K17 to see what happened. In each instance, we recorded the team’s record and its playoff success or failure.

    One long-running theory is that you could put James on any team in the league, and he’s good enough that they would at least make the playoffs and probably the finals. Look at the roster he dragged to the finals in 2007, after all, or consider how bad the Cavaliers were for four years when James went to Miami.Here are the results.

    Record is the 2K simulation record, improvement is Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins how many wins better the team is with LeBron James than its real-life record this season, and playoffs is what happened in the 2K simulation playoffs.THE RESULTS76ersRecord: 50-32Improvement: +22Playoffs: Loses to Warriors in finals in sixReaction: LeBron trusted the process so much that the 76ers went to the finals in their first season with him on board!

    Joel Embiid won Rookie of the Year, and a healthy Ben Simmons (who 2K thinks is extremely good) helped a lot. BucksRecord: 54-28Improvement: +12Playoffs: Lose to Warriors in finals in sixReaction: Giannis moved to shooting guard so that James could slide to small forward. It (mostly) worked!BullsRecord: 63-19Improvement: +22Playoffs: Lost to Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals in sevenReaction: This was tied for the maddenvip second most wins any team had in the regular season.

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