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Discussion in 'General Amphibians' started by Karlee, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Karlee

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    I'm thinking of buying a toad or frog but not sure what species I can get. I have a low budget so I need one that only needs a ten gallon and has a strong immune system to keep vet visits to a minimal. I perfer one I can handle with out agression. I want one that doesn't hide too much but will still come out of hiding when people it knows are around. One that is diurnal is prefered. One that can be social with other frogs and toads but doesn't need them. That can be fed every one or two days. One that is semiaquatic. One that will spend the majority of it's lifeon the ground. One that can be handled often. Active and bright personality. I don't care about colorations. And one with a long longivity.

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    Karlee, while I'm not well versed in my amphibian knowledge, I do have some constructive critism. Please don't take this the wrong way, I don't mean for this to come across as rude whatsoever.

    But pets, and herps in general can be costly no matter the size. I've noticed in a couple of your posts now that you claim to not have very much money but need to pursue making or purchasing large enclosures for CWD's, or must skimp on feeding a lizard due to the cost of food items. I know you care a lot about your animals, but perhaps you should consider accomodating all the needs of the pets you currently own before pursuing the addition of a new one to the family. Not saying you should never add a frog or toad to the family, but perhaps hold off a year or two and save up some funds to supply all of the needs for one and your current pets. I understand you also go to KY during the summer, and adding another pet to the collection will only add to the complexity of this moving issue.

    And freak accidents and disease can happen, a vet fund should always be made in advance. Even the hardiest of herps can become ill and require medical attention - a good friend of mine who takes FLAWLESS care of her bearded dragon recently had to cover a $400 vet bill due to freak accident with a shed damaging the tempanic membrane of the ear...

    Hopefully someone with more froggie knowledge can assist you with your question; but I just wanted to make sure you are prepared for any unforseen cost. Herps are addictive, and I know you love yours dearly, just want to be sure that you get everything figured out with the cages, move, etc before embarking on a new pet = )
  3. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    Thanks and I don't take it offensively when it is the truth. They are just so interesting to watch and they are kinda enclosed around my life so its hard for me not to consider it. And at this point I am only considering one. Small children means tank banging and wanting to hold and I already am well aware of financial issues. I am only considering one and I have been studying on beardies for four years before I got one so I am not the one to rush into a pet.
    The only reason I am considering a frog is because I kinda miss my old ones. Trust me, at this point I am only considering a frog, let alone a certain species. But I would like to eventually get one once everything is all settled in. I am not going to KY and GA with four lizards, two dogs, a parkeet, a frog or two, and small children, it just won't happen. The dogs I might board, but I don't know a place that boards lizards and birds.
    So, like I said I'm not the one to rush into things when I am financially ill. I would at least like to know the species I want to get from the inside out a before I get one. Which will take me a while when i am so busy with everything I have served on my plate.
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  4. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    From what you said,a pac-man sounds the best. Though, you did say you don't want one too aggresive and they can be. They're not that bad though, they're cute and eat just about anything! lol They don't need much room-a 10G would be fine for an adult, though it wouldn't be best to group them. They pretty much always sit still and aren't that expensive-even for an albino.
    Most tree frogs would be good also. Though, not all of them like handled. My green tree frog-you can hold, but I always do while keeping her inside the tank, cause she does jump and has gotten away a few times. They aren't that much and can be grouped. A 10G would be good, but one with extra height is better-as for any arboreal species. There's also cuban tree frogs-which get pretty big and should be housed alone. There's the White's Dumpy, which are always a good pet, but need more room. They can be housed together pretty well also. Fire-bellied toads don't need much room, are generally housed in groups, and aren't that much. Though, they shouldn't be handled much and can excrete toxins-but pretty much any frog can. They(the fire-bellies)need a semi-aquatic tank also.
    There are a lot of options-if you want smaller kinds, there's clowns, darts(which I know you had), tiger-legged, etc. Though, none of them can ever be handled much. When I 1st got my anoles, I thought I would "tame" them to where I could handle them-but I found out soon enough that couldn't happen lol :p I'm just glad I have them there to appreciate and care for. It's fun to watch them.
  5. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    Thx. I am thinking of a fire belly. I see them commonly, and they were $3 a toad from what I see. And I don't really care whether or not I can hold them, I meant if they will bite me if I try to pick them up to clean their habitat. I will probably put them in the cage I have my CWDs in, I don't know the capacity of it but I can tell you it is bigger than 10g.
    I am going to wait until we move and get settled in though cause this house is $3,000 a month and it isnt even that big nor that nice. Never rent a house, they will give you unbelievable prices.
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  6. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    Well, sounds like a good choice :) They're pretty too and sounds like a good enclosure you have. It probably would be better for you just when you get settled down 1st-cause I know how moving with animales can be! And thanks for the advice! lol-I know of some people that get ripped off by landlords when they rent :eek:
  7. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    I think the enclosure may be a fifty or a fifty five gallon, not sure because I found it in a garage sale and I forgot to ask how big it was :rolleyes:. I am only planning on getting two, least amount of chance for either two males or a male and female. I don't want to be scooping out tadpoles that appeared out of the blue.
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  8. Louie

    Louie Member

    A truly underrated toad which you might like and less than $10 is the Bufo virdis/Green toad. Very hardy and pretty .

    Room temp is fine. I often see them for sale in Spring and would imagine any pet store can get them.

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  9. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    Thanks, I will debate between the two to see which option would be best suited for the needs I can provide.
  10. PennyLane

    PennyLane New Member

    I have an american toad and I love her. :) She's fun to watch, especially when she's eating and chasing crickets. I've seen 'sunburst toads' at my petstore today and they looked like my american toad.

    Anyway, mine lives alone but they can live in groups. I feel her a few crickets, mealworms and the occasional waxworm. She has only a tank light as a lamp, and she's in a 15 gallon which gives her room to hop and explore around. They need water dishes deep enough that they can sit in and it will reach up to it's neck when they are sitting in the dish. She also has a hide but she mostly only sits on it and that's all. I see her out most of the time too.
  11. Karlee

    Karlee Member

    Thanks, but I have a fifty gallon tank that I currently use for my CWDs. Space is no longer an issue. And was she easy to find or did you have to look around a bit?
  12. PennyLane

    PennyLane New Member

    Oh that's good. :)

    And I had actually rescued her. My friends neighbor was mowing the lawn and she got in the way of the mower so was hopping like crazy to get away from it, and that's when we spotted her. I decided to keep her until the next summer, but because she was a baby, her hunting skills got really weak so I've kept her since. :)
  13. lizardgurl87

    lizardgurl87 HOTM Winner April

    That's cool! I find them all around here too! :) You could probably buy one for cheap, since they're so common in the wild.

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