Terrible tegu care.

Discussion in 'Monitors & Tegus' started by tokaygirl55, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. tokaygirl55

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    I saw something horrible. A pet store had a 6 inch tegu in a 6 inch square tank. The poor thing had to stand on the stick on the small stick they squeezed into the tank to actually be able to stretch out all the way.
  2. tokaygirl55

    tokaygirl55 New Member

    *had to stand on the small stick
  3. Cammy

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    Oh my. If that is the case, I would speak to management. Voicing a complaint and implying you will take further action if needed is often all you need to do to make a change. (I know this from personal experience, haha.) If management does not take action, look up your state laws regarding pet stores and animal husbandry. You may find something you can use as leverage to get them to upgrade the little dude and prevent this from happening in the future.
  4. tokaygirl55

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    The store is pretty far away and I don't go there often, but the next time I do and if I see it again I'm going to complain. Thanks for the advice. I wasn't entirely sure what to do.
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