Summer Over Heating

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by Just_Some_Guy, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. Just_Some_Guy

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    Not. I've got more problems with Crickets dying of the humidity then heat.

    Discuss the UKs poor summer weather this year. :)

    Hows it affecting you>
  2. bruno

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    I agree the humidity here is terrible most of the time.
    As a lot of people have found out, it kills more crickets than enough.
    I dont have that problem now as I only use locust and then it's only a week's supply at a time anyway.
    When I did use crickets, it was about 2000-2500 a month, bought in bulk.
    I got round the humidity problem by keeping them in a 3ft fish tank, fitted with a 60w ceramic heater in lid, controlled by a dimming thermostat at around 80-82F. They were fed with dry foods mainly with the occassional greens and water was that "Bug-Gel" or crystal water bites made up into a gel. This reduced the deathrate to around 30-40 a month, which wasn't bad I though. The floor was cleaned out every few days to remove droppings etc. and Oatmeal as a sort of substrate and food source, not massive amounts just a thin scattering on floor.
    Depending on how many you use, may be a heat mat would solve the problem if small numbers are involved.
  3. Just_Some_Guy

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    How do you keep your locusts? Best way I find is to egg box the floor and putt mesh on top (fine enough for poo to go through but not he locusts). They have this annoying habit of eating and its toxic so well I used to lose a load before I started doing that. Wet cotton wool is good and cheaper than bug-gel.

    My collection is small the at moment since I'm living in a flat, so there just in tubs. But when I used to by more it was just a big egg boxed bin with a heat matt on the bottom.
  4. bruno

    bruno Moderator

    I think you will find those tubs are the problem, they "sweat" in those, hence you are loosing a lot.
    Suggest a small "Kricket Keeper" or similar.
    I buy 150 locust a week (3 bulks bags), I have a very hungry
    I bought a couple of large storage tubs from Morrisons (2 for £5) with clip-on lids. Using a soldering iron I put a load of holes in lid for venting. I put a few greens in daily and remove the uneaten at night. I loose a few but not many so I'm not unduly worried.
    The tub is about 15x13x10 inches and works ok.
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    The weather is terrible. I was over in spain for a while, and coming back to England was not a good move for me!
  6. You guys should take a visit here to Arizona then lol.

    Its been like 113 or higher daily =\

    But we don't have high humiditiy at all, its pretty much all dry heat unless that very odd chance it rains.
  7. Just_Some_Guy

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