substrate idea? looks good?

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  1. blueinfinity

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    ok here's an ide ai thouhgt of. may be far fetche dbut ill get opinions before trying anything

    down the street some people were having a stone wath put in.
    the stone cutters would take a piece of slate and cut it perfect to what's needed

    i was thinking. wh ynot get a piece cut to the dimenions on inside your tank.. so it fits snug in the botom? if its say 1/2 or 1/4 slate it would transfer the under tank heat nicely.. give some basking spots for then in the light and if the top is un even you could add sand in certain areas.

    im thinking either have it removable.. or permanent.. either way slate's easy to clean and would look cool i think

    i wanna get my baby off the paper.. baby leo doesnt look at home on paper :p

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  3. ferret_corner

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    It sounds great, but how comfortable will it be to lay on all the time?

    And it sounds fantastic. I don't think you need to cover the entire bottom of the tank, but a nice large piece will look great in your tank.

    Have you thought about felt pieces, instead of the paper towel? Your choice of colors, washable & reusable whats not to like about it?

    And if you decide to cover the entire bottom of your tank, make sure the slate is removable. You will need to be able to clean underneath it occasionally.


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  5. zarffyn

    zarffyn Member

    a quick question, while we're on thee topic of substrates.

    I like the idea of sand, since it holds heat rather well. But it's also not appropriate for young leos. What if I placed a thick layer of paper towels (or felt, now that is a good idea) on top? The sand would still store the heat, but wouldn't be accessible to a young lizard.


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  7. Smileen

    Smileen Member

    I'd thought of that myself, because I think sand is comfier for a leo to snuggle in. Mine loves to dig. When she was a baby, I had cacli-sand at first, then got rid of that for paper towels. Instead of running the risk of the sand coming around the covering, I just used a thick cushy layer of paper towels.
    I also had thought of making a tank-sized beanbag thingy, but that would be a pain to clean, and a little uneven for water/food dishes and hides. Paper towels were just a much easier and cheaper alternative, and now that she is a year and a half old, she is on playground sand and closely monitored.

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  9. smiles

    smiles New Member

    As to the slate, slate is awesome, its agreat heat conductor and easy to clean, safe etc. However, you do not want ot cover the cage bottom with a single piece, use the 12X12 tiles. The reason is because it transfers heat so well if you have a single piece even when the light or UTH is only on part of the cage the entire slate piece will warm up. If you use the tiles, only the tile(s) sitting directly above/below the heat source will warm up.
    I use the 12x12 tiles with my leos, washed/screened playground sand for my beardies

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