Substrate for a Sonoran Gopher

Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by jmamba2, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. jmamba2

    jmamba2 New Member

    What do you guys (and girls) think is the best substrate to use for a Sonoran Gopher?

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    I don't personally have a Sonoran Gopher, but have always been a fan of aspen as a substrate for my snakes. Paper towel or newspaper also works if your looking for something economical but not necessarily aesthetically pleasing.

    There are probably other options that work, such as cypress mulch, maybe coir (eco-earth/bed-a-beast), etc...I'm not 100% sure on the care requirements of this species and am primarily basing my response on my experience with other snakes and colubrids. Aspen has always worked universally for a vast array of species... from boas, to pythons, to corn and king snakes - all the way to kenyan sand boas.

    Do be careful during feeding time with any particulate substrate - particularly if the prey item is allowed to get wet. If feeding F/T, I tend to recommend feeding in another enclosure or placing the feeder on a paper towel or plate in the cage to avoid excess consumption of any substrate. Just my $0.02, I like to play things on the safe side.
  3. tupi1

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    I have two sonorans, what great snakes.Put up a big show, hissing and tail rattling but never bite.I also love the way the wrap around your arm rather then trying to get away like a cornsnake does.
    I have used reptile carpet(never again) and cypress and newspaper.Ive come to the conclusion that with these guys Aspen is the ticket.They eat tons and poop tons.Aspen is easier to spot clean too.But I cant get aspen were I live so I have to make do with cypress mulch which is a good second choice.
  4. jmamba2

    jmamba2 New Member

    Thanks Jeff and tupi1... and yes they do sound great with that LOUD hiss they produce. Mine has only tried to nail me once in the two years I have had him. I have him on newspaper, but as you both said aspen is WAY easier to clean up!
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