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Discussion in 'Boas' started by Karlee, Sep 9, 2013.

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    I'm back and let me just say Kamau has been doing increasingly well {He's getting chubby but I think I'll leave that part out for now...} and I have a couple questions. My first is that I'm noticing some weird behavior that he's been doing ever since I got him but it's rather strange for the species. In short: He loves to be pet. I mean I'll have him in my lap, all nice and cozy, and he'll crawl up on my chest and sit there for a while. If I don't pet him, he'll crawl up and get right in my face as if he's trying to ask, "Why are you ignoring me?" And then once I start petting him {Especially in his special spot on his side a little close to his head} he'll sit there until I either stop petting him or move and then he'll get right up to my face again to get my attention again. Also, if I have my hand sitting near him he'll rub his head up against it as if he's trying to burrow sideways into my hand. Now does he actually enjoy being pet or is this something else?

    Also, we recently moved to a place where tornados are increasingly common and it's been keeping me up at night knowing that if there was a tornado he'd been in serious trouble. Can anyone tell me the emergency procedures for a reptile in a natural disaster? Also will storm shelters allow me to bring my snake {Which is what I'm most worried about}?

    Thanks again, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Well that's pretty awesome about your little guy being so affectionate! I wouldn't question it, I think it's awesome :) Lol

    Here is a link to my little announcement about Hurricane Sandy and it's effects. It has a link to my original post about evacuating with your pets.

    You'll have to do your own research about areas that will allow pets. Usually snakes and small animals in their carrier cases are ok to bring to pet friendly shelters. I would call your local vet or animal shelter for the info if you can't find anything online.
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